The new generation of cooling lubricants

Chip removal-based machining processes place extraordinarily high demands on man and machine. Finding the right balance between optimal workpiece processing and the health of the operators has always been a challenge. But now, AQUASLIDE comes up with an efficient solution.

This Austrian development is more than just an entirely novel cooling lubricant, it is an all-round concept that revolutionises and simplifies the handling requirements for cooling lubricants in the metalworking industry. The convincing advantages of the novel product include exemption from labelling requirements, great skin tolerability and uncomplicated fluid management.

Sophisticated technology meets occupational health

AQUASLIDE is an oil and ester-free, water-based cooling lubricant. It is completely exempt from labelling requirements. The sophisticated additive technology makes it a health-friendly, sustainable and technically advantageous alternative to conventional cooling lubricants. Its unique formulation translates into maximum technical performance. At the same time, the product is extraordinarily kind to the skin. Thus, AQUASLIDE is fully in tune with the increasing awareness of the need of companies to protect the health of their employees while offering an ideal solution for the problem.

AQUASLIDE introduces an entirely new application concept. Combining simple changeover with long life and simple fluid management, AQUASLIDE optimises the entire workflow.

Innovation, know-how and experience

Technical advantages

  • Optimal cooling properties

  • Excellent results with all machining types

  • Simple mixing and storage

  • Simple fluid management

  • Clean machines

  • High biostability

  • Greaseless surfaces

Advantages at the workplace

  • Pleasant indoor environment

  • Clean working places

  • Good visibility of the machined parts due to clear machine windows

  • Formation of oil mist eliminated

  • Excellent skin tolerability

  • Minimized risk of injury through oil-free formulation

The basis of AQUASLIDE is water, and if any contact with the body occurs it will behave like water. This completely eliminates lost time at work as a result of severe irritations of the skin or the lung. The workplaces are cleaner, and the indoor environment is better.

A single product for all applications

When AQUASLIDE was developed, the objective had been to have just one product for all machining types and for all materials. This simplifies logistics since it is not necessary to keep the right product on stock in the warehouse. During its use, a simple pH value measurement is all it takes to verify the quality of the fluid.

AQUASLIDE | ONE is used for the first-time filling.

AQUASLIDE | ONE REFILL is used to top up the fluid in the system.

Both products are supplied as a concentrate. The application concentrate is 10 percent by volume.


The outstanding features of the product include extremely user and health-friendly components without compromising technical performance, ease of facility maintenance, disposal and safety at work.

An Austrian success story

The product development of AQUASLIDE started in 2015. In the following years it underwent an intensive test phase under real-life conditions in selected, representative metalworking companies, which was accompanied by the preparation of many detailed analyses and studies. The field reports demonstrated quickly that an oil-free application works well, provided that the composition is right. Therefore, the challenge was to fine-tune the formulation until all requirements concerning product use, plant maintenance, disposal and safety at work were satisfied. This finally culminated in the launch of a product line that could well revolutionise the metalworking industry in the field of conventional cooling lubricants.

The initiator and head of AQUASLIDE product development is chemist DI DR. Johann Kellersperg, who had previously come to the attention of the community for the development of the world’s first biological lubricants. He dedicates his life to developing product innovations to optimise the technical conditions for the industry while improving the protection for human beings in their working environment and for nature. AQUASLIDE more than fulfils this objective.

AQUASLIDE is based on decades of know-how in the development and production of lubricants. Many renowned companies are already testing the product in a real-life setting on a daily basis.

better than oil. natural like water.